VANE (2019)

VANE represents a modular and systematic solution for interior partition dividers and spatial seperation. 24mm plywood louvers are extracted from a sculpted form, which can take any shape as defined by the user. Each iteration of VANE is unique, as the generating form, orientation, and spacing of the fins vary in each setting.

As shown here, VANE manifests as a gently billowing surface, designed in collaboration with BÜRO47architecture for their newly renovated office in Delta, BC. The screen is situated to act as a delineation between their front of house welcoming area and back of house studio practice, activating their street frontage and setting the tone for first impressions.

From the front, guests are offered a dynamic focal point with undulating curves and brief glimpses of the activity beyond. From the rear, staff are offered privacy from passers-by and shelter from the glaring sun. A soft gradient of natural light fades through the plywood louvers, defining both spaces while remaining airy and almost weightless.

VANE is highly customizable and can be adapted to most spaces.

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