tempo (2016)

TEMPO provides a flexible new method for displaying and storing books.

Typically, bookshelves and other storage solutions rely upon additional fixtures or bookends to keep everything upright; otherwise, the user is forced to fill the space allotted entirely, jamming books into place to apply wall-to-wall pressure.

Employing CNC milling technologies, TEMPO carves a continual series of waves into its structure. Within the troughs of these waves, partition walls slide in and out with ease, allowing the user to shift and subdivide the overall length of the shelf however they see fit. The angle of these waves let the partitions act as bookends where needed; books can either rest parallel within the waves (the smooth edges cradle books along its peaks and valleys) or stand perpendicular, bridging across them.

A sense of transparency and rhythm shifts with the viewing angle, as the density of TEMPO’S internal space is continually redefined over time.

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