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balance - SHORTLISTED, stone barn meditation camp (2017)

The volume of the barn has been stripped back to its massive exterior walls, carefully restored. The rotting roof has been replaced, and a thin shell translucent panel structure now encapsulates the entire volume, sealing it from the elements. Behind this translucent exterior, the weight of the stone walls remains visible from beyond and tangible from within. Both the owners home and the yoga facilities are structured within the original volume of the barn, taking full advantage of it’s raw character and materiality. All guest accommodations are housed in an addition, a formal extrusion of the barns profile. Almost a mirrored form of the original barn, this new volume is a space of light and energy. Acting in both contrast and unity with the existing condition, the exaggerated poche of the barn is replicated and re-imagined through materiality and function.
Within these two distinct but cohesive spaces, you will discover a deep sense of connection and ultimately, balance. 

This is a place of contrast. Solid and void. Energy and solitude. Stone and air.

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