Shortlisted entry for Blue Clay Country Spa

Project Description:

Deep within the sprawl of the forest canopy, a small meadow breaches the vast expanse. Revealing a lake and a stand of sturdy oaks, the fertile grounds of this place offer a calming breath, and a tangible connection to nature. Settle in. Stay a while. 

Landing softly upon the landscape, a low slung structure harbors the primary cluster of oaks within its courtyard. Responding to the setbacks required by these trees, the organic perimeter of this  space contrasts with an enveloping circular geometry to define the building footprint. Sheltered together under a continuous roof, the spa, guesthouse, and staff accomodations  function as seperate entities while reading as a cohesive volume. A woven framework of wooden beams and columns acts as the connective tissue, creating a robust yet airy and open interior volume. Bi-directional views flood the interior with natural light from both the interior courtyard and exterior meadow. Along the facade, apertures fluctuate in both height and size to provide privacy where needed while opening up completely to the natural landscape wherever possible.

Retreat, relax, recharge. Across all seasons, bear witness to the beautiful diversity of Latvia’s wild.