arctic adaptations

our entry for Lateral Office's 'arctic adaptations' competition, in preparation for the 2013 venice architecture biennial

our proposal seeks to find a new use for the overflux of shipping containers making their way into Canada's northern territories, often abandoned upon arrival due to the regions lack of exports. our solution addresses this growing problem, while providing shelter and security to Nunavut's equally expanding population of 'hidden homeless' individuals and families

2013-11-24 13_07_11-ArchPANELupdated.jpg
2013-11-24 13_08_07-ArchPANELupdated.jpg
2013-11-24 13_10_20-REGIONAL_PANEL-deagsedits.jpg
2013-11-24 13_11_25-REGIONAL_PANEL-deagsedits.jpg